The Works of Samuel Johnson LLD a New Edition in Six Volumes with an Essay on His Life and Genius by Arthur Murphy Esq of 6 Volume 3
The Antient and Present State of the University of Oxford Containing I an Account of Its Antiquity II an Account of Its Colleges III an Account of the Laws with an Appendix and Index by John Ayliffe of 2 Volume 1
A System of Surgery by Benjamin Bell Illustrated with Copperplates the Fifth Edition of 6 Volume 5
The Works of Henry Fielding Esq With the Life of the Author in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 4
A Philosophical and Practical Treatise on Horses and on the Moral Duties of Man Towards the Brute Creation by John Lawrence of 2 Volume 2
The History of England Abridged from Hume by the Author of the Abridgement of Mr Gibbons Roman History in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
The Right Relationship Reimagining the Implementation of Historical Treaties
The Red Eagles
A Way From Heart To Heart
Casting Off
Bertie The Blitz Dog
Eye Contact
Lives Lost
Aphrodites Workshop For Reluctant Lovers
The Health Of Strangers
Red Velvet TurnshoeThean Abbess Of Meaux Mystery
Corporate Governance in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis Volume I Relevance and Reforms
Willow Walk
Laceys House
The History of the Reformation and Other Ecclesiastical Transactions in and about the Low-Countries from the Beginning of the Eighth Century Down to the Famous Synod of Dort Inclusive of 4 Volume 1
The Cold Cold Sea
An Unremarkable Body
Black Wood
Half-Truths And White Lies
Call The Vet
An Impartial Report of the Debates in the Two Houses of Parliament in the Year 1795 Including Copies of All State Papers Treaties Conventions c by William Woodfall of 4 Volume 1
A System of Anatomy from Monro Winslow and Innes in the Order of Lectures Delivered by the Professor of Anatomy in the University of Edinburgh of 2 Volume 2
The Annual Register or a View of the History Politics and Literature for the Year 1770 the Third Edition
The History of England Written in French by M Rapin de Thoyras Translated Into English with Additional Notes by N Tindal Illustrated with Maps Genealogical Tables the Fourth Edition Corrected Vol VII of 7 Volume 7
Tryals for High-Treason and Other Crimes with Proceedings on Bills of Attainder and Impeachments for Three Hundred Years Past to Which Are Prefixd a Preface Giving an Account of the Nature and Usefulness of the Work of 9 Volume 5
An Abridgment of the First Part of My LD Cokes Institutes by William Hawkins Serjeant at Law the Fourth Edition to Which Is Now Added a Large Index
The History of England from the Invasion of Julius Cisar to the Revolution in 1688 in Eight Volumes by David Hume Esq a New Edition Corrected to Which Is Added a Complete Index of 8 Volume 5
Compiled from Original Monuments and Other Authentic Records Illustrated with the Remarks of Judicious Modern Critics and Historians the Second Edition in Twelve Volumes of 12 Volume 10
The Annual Register or a View of the History Politics and Literature for the Years 1784 and 1785
An Historical Geographical and Philosophical View of the Chinese Empire by W Winterbotham to Which Is Added a Copious Account of Lord Macartneys Embassy Second Edition
The Works of Mr John Oldham Together with His Remains the Sixth Edition Corrected
The Book of Psalms in Metre Close and Proper to the Hebrew by William Barton MA as He Left It Finished in His Life-Time
The State of the Prisons in England and Wales with Preliminary Observations and an Account of Some Foreign Prisons and Hospitals by John Howard FRS the Fourth Edition
The Annual Register or a View of the History Politics and Literature for the Year 1782
The Annual Register or a View of the History Politics and Literature for the Year 1772
The Continuation of Mr Rapins History of England From the Revolution to the Present Times by N Tindal Illustrated the Fourth Edition Corrected of 7 Volume 7
A Systematical View of the Laws of England As Treated of in a Course of Vinerian Lectures Read at Oxford During a Series of Years Commencing in Michealmas [sic] Term 1777 by Richard Wooddeson of 3 Volume 3
The Discipline of the Light-Horse by Captain Hinde Illustrated with Copper Plates
The Lives of Dr John Donne Sir Henry Wotton Mr Richard Hooker Mr George Herbert And Dr Robert Sanderson by Isaac Walton with Notes and the Life of the Author by Thomas Zouch Ma
The Continuation of Mr Rapins History of England From the Revolution to the Present Times by N Tindal Illustrated the Fourth Edition Corrected of 7 Volume 6
The Mythology and Fables of the Ancients Explaind from History by the Abbi Banier Translated from the Original French of 4 Volume 4
The English Art of Cookery According to the Present Practice Being a Complete Guide to All Housekeepers on a Plan Entirely New by Richard Briggs a New Edition
The Adventures of Christopher Hawkins Containing Details of His Captivity a First and Second Time on the High Seas in the Revolutionary War by the British and His Consequent Sufferings and Escape from the Jersey Prison Ship Then Lying in the Harbou
The Education of Karl Witte Or the Training of the Child
Protectorado Francis En Marruecos y Sus Enseianza Para La Acciin Espaiola El
Disertacion Sobre La Historia de la Niutica y de la Ciencias Matemiticas Que Han Contribuido i Sus Progresos Entre Los Espaioles
Early American Paintings Catalogue of an Exhibition Held in the Museum of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences Brooklyn February 3D to March 12th 1917
The Story of Language
Scientific American Handy Book of Facts and Formulae
The Life of Elijah Coffin With a Reminiscence by His Son
Pfennig-Magazin Der Gesellschaft Zur Verbreitung Gemeinniiiger Kenntnisse Vol 7 Das
The Prisoner of Zenda Being the History of Three Months in the Life of an English Gentleman
The Clinical Journal Vol 24 Clinical Record Clinical News Clinical Gazette Clinical Reporter Clinical Chronicle and Clinical Review A Weekly Record of Clinical Medicine and Surgery with Their Special Branches April 20-October 12 1904
Histoire de Cent Trente Femmes Le Niagara
Principles of the Law of Contract
Sitzungsberichte Der Preussischen Akademie Der Wissenschaften Vol 1 Jahrgang 1919 Januar Bis Juni
Reliques of Ancient English Poetry Vol 3 Consisting of Old Heroic Ballads Songs and Other Pieces of Our Earlier Poets (Chiefly of the Lyric Kind) Together with Some Few of Later Date
Cornish Worthies Vol 2 of 2 Sketches of Some Eminent Cornish Men and Families
Slaves of the Lamp Being the Adventures of Yorke Norroy in His Quest of the Four Jade Plates A Manhattan Nights Entertainment
Sermons Vol 2 of 2
The Entomologist 1885 Vol 18 An Illustrated Journal of General Entomology
Western Electrician Vol 35 Numbers 1-27 July 2-December 31 1904
Catalogue of the Famous Library of the Late J B Learmont of Montreal Canada Including Beautiful Manuscripts on Vellum Valuable Incunabula and Many Rare Books on America To Be Sold Monday and Tuesday Afternoons March 5 and 6 1917
The Cambridge Directory for 1863-4 Containing the Usual Information and a Complete List of Cambridge Soldiers
Catalogue of the British Section Containing a List of the Exhibitors of the United Kingdom and Its Colonies and the Objects Which They Exhibit in English French German and Italian With Statistical Introductions and an Appendix in Which Many of the
Les Trois Rignes Vol 1 Poime En Huit Chants
Memoire Sur lEducation Publique Avec Le Prospectus dUn College Suivant Les Principes de CET Ouvrage
Memoir of the Late James Halley A B Student of Theology
The Fitness of the Environment An Inquiry Into the Biological Significance of the Properties of Matter
Dorothy the Puritan The Story of Strange Delusion
Sermons by J B Massillon Bishop of Clermont
Tesoro de Catamarquenismos Nombres de Lugar y Apellidos Indios Con Etiniologias y Eslabones
The Cabin
A History of the English Church Vol 1 of 2 During the Civil Wars and Under the Commonwealth 1640-1660
Kriegspiel The War Game
My Friend Phil
A Visit to Mexico Vol 1 of 2 By the West India Islands Yucatan and United States With Observations and Adventures on the Way
Jane Austens Sailor Brothers Being the Adventures of Sir Francis Austen and Charles Austen
Tunisia and the Modern Barbary Pirates
The Fight for Missouri From the Election of Lincoln to the Death of Lyon
A Life of Matthew Fontaine Maury U S N and C S N Author of physical Geography of the Sea and Its Meteorology
The Indwelling Spirit
The West Indies and the Spanish Main
An Historical Account of the Expedition Against Sandusky Under Col William Crawford in 1782
Luck on the Wing Thirteen Stories of a Sky Spy
A Child of the Alps
Lockharts Advance Through Tirah
The Story of Concord Told by Concord Writers
Memoirs of Christian Missionaries With an Essay on the Extension of the Missionary Spirit
The History of the City of Fredericksburg Virginia
The Making of Modern Japan An Account of the Progress of Japan from Pre-Feudal to Days to Constitutional Government the Position of a Great Power With Chapters on Religion the Complex Family System Education c
The Pilgrims and Their History
The Pioneers of the Spiritual Reformation Life and Works of Dr Justinus Kerner Adapted from the German William Howitt and His Work for Spiritualism Biographical Sketches
A Short History of the Doctrine of the Atonement
Keel and Saddle A Retrospect of Forty Years of Military and Naval Service
The Texts and Versions of John de Plano Carpini and William de Rubruquis As Printed for the First Time by Hakluyt in 1598 Together with Some Shorter Pieces
The Real Malay Pen Pictures
Christ All in All to Believers Or What Christ Is Made to Believers in Forty Real Benefits
The Music of the Waters A Collection of the Sailors Chanties or Working Songs of the Sea of All Maritime Nations Boatmens Fishermens and Rowing Songs and Water Legends
A History of American Revivals
Saint Louis
Father Eymards Month of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament With a Letter from His Eminence Cardinal Gibbons Approving the Works of Father Eymard
The Battle of April 19 1775 In Lexington Concord Lincoln Arlington Cambridge Somerville
El Estranjero The Stranger A Story of Southern California
Violin Mastery Talks with Master Violinists and Teachers Comprising Interviews with Ysaye Kreisler Elman Auer Thibaud Heifetz Hartmann Maud Powell and Others
Captain Shannon
The Soul of Ann Rutledge Abraham Lincolns Romance
Thirteen Years at the Russian Court A Personal Record of the Last Years and Death of the Czar Nicholas II and His Family
Text-Book of Theoretical Naval Architecture
History of the Gold Coast and Asante
George Washington the Christian
Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts
The Language of Flowers Or Flora Symbolica Including Floral Poetry Original and Selected
Precious Stones and Gems Their History Sources and Characteristics
How to Play Golf
Diary and Correspondence of Count Axel Fersen Grand-Marshal of Sweden Relating to the Court of France
Aspects of Rabbinic Theology
Irish Pedigrees Vol 2 Or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation
A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies Revised Augmented and Published in Ten Volumes by the Abbi Raynal Newly Translated from the French in Six Volumes of 6 Volume 4
The History of England from the Invasion of Julius Cisar to the Revolution in 1688 in Eight Volumes Illustrated with Plates a New Edition with the Authors Last Corrections and Improvements of 8 Volume 8
A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America of 3 Volume 3
An Enquiry Into the Original of Moral Virtue Wherein It Is Shewn That Virtue Is Founded in the Nature of Things with Some Reflections on a Late Book Intitled an Enquiry Into the Original of Our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue
The Evangelical Magazine For 1797 the Profits from the Sale of This Magazine Are to Be Applied to Charitable Purposes Volume V of 8 Volume 5
A Paraphrase and Comment Upon the Epistles and Gospels Appointed to Be Used in the Church of England on All Sundays and Holy-Days by George Stanhope the Second Edition Corrected of 4 Volume 3
A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean Performed in the Years 1796 1797 1798 in the Ship Duff Commanded by Captain James Wilson Compiled from Journals of the Officers and Missionaries
A Collection of Tracts Relative to the Law of England from Manuscripts Now First Edited by Francis Hargrave VolI
A Digest of the Laws of England by the Right Honourable Sir John Comyns the Fourth Edition Corrected and Continued to the Present Time by Samuel Rose in Six Volumes of 6 Volume 3
The General Magazine of Arts and Sciences Philosophical Philological Mathematical and Mechanical by Benjamin Martin of 14 Volume 8
The Novelists Magazine Vol I Containing Almoran and Hamet Joseph Andrews and Amelia of 23 Volume 1
The Evangelical Magazine For 1800 the Profits from the Sale of This Magazine Are to Be Applied to Charitable Purposes Volume VIII of 8 Volume 8
The Diverting Works of the Countess dAnois Author of the Ladies Travels to Spain Containing I the Memoirs of Her Own Life II All Her Spanish Novels and Histories III Her Letters IV Tales of the Fairies in Three Parts Compleat
The History of England from the Earliest Accounts of Time to the Death of the Late Queen Anne in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 3
The Anatomy of Melancholy What It Is with All the Kinds Causes Symptomes Prognostics in Three Partitions by Democritus Junior with a Satyricall Preface the Ninth Edition of 2 Volume 2
The Roman History by Titus Livius With the Entire Supplement of John Freinsheim Translated Into English and Illustrated with Geographical and Chronological Notes of 6 Volume 6
The New Pocket Dictionary of the English and French Languages Containaing [sic] All Words of General Use by Thomas Nugent LL D the Eighth Edition Carefully Revised and Corrected by J S Charrier of 2 Volume 2
The Whole Works of the Rev Mr John Flavel to Which Is Added an Alphabetical Table in Six Volumes of 6 Volume 1
The Continuation or Supplement of the Code of Bengal Military Regulations the Whole Revised and Corrected from the Records Compiled by Captain Henry Grace of 2 Volume 2
The Life of the Reverend Dr John Barwick DD Sometime Fellow of St Johns College in Cambridge And Dean of Durham and St Pauls Written in Latin by His Brother Dr Peter Barwick
The Decisions of the Court of Session from Its First Institution to the Present Time Abridged and Digested Under Proper Heads in Form of a Dictionary of 2 Volume 2
A Commentary Upon the Two Books of Samuel by the Right Reverend Father in God Symon Lord Bishop of Ely
The Whole Works of the Rev Mr John Flavel to Which Is Added an Alphabetical Table in Six Volumes of 6 Volume 3
Geiriadur Cynmraeg a Saesoneg a Welsh and English Dictionary Compiled from the Laws History and Other Monuments of the Knowledge and Learning of the Ancient Britons To Which Is Prefixed a Welsh Grammar by William Owen FSA of 3 Volume 2
Travels Through Holland Germany Switzerland But Especially Italy By Monsieur de Blainville Translated from the Authors Manuscript Vol1 by the Late Dr Turnbull Vol2 by Mr Guthrie And Vol3 by Mr Lockman of 3 Volume 1
The New Italian English and French Pocket-Dictionary Carefully Compiled from the Dictionaries of La Crusca Dr S Johnson the French Academy and from Other Dictionaries of the Best Authorities of 3 Volume 2
An English and Danish Dictionary Containing the Genuine Words of Both Languages with Their Proper and Figurative Meanings Interspersed with a Large Variety of Phrases Idioms Terms of Art and Proverbial Sayings of 1 Volume 1
Every Man His Own Gardener Being a New and Much More Complete Gardeners Kalendar Than Any One Hitherto Published the Ninth Edition Corrected Greatly Enlarged and Wholly New-Improved
The Kiln Drying of Lumber A Practical and Theoretical Treatise
Containing an Account of the Original of the Earth and of All the General Changes in Two Volumes the Fourth Edition Also the Authors Defence of the Work from the Exceptions of Mr Warren of 2 Volume 2
A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies the Third Edition Revised and Corrected with Maps Adapted to the Work and a Copious Index of 4 Volume 2
Revised and Corrected with Maps and a Copious Index of 5 Volume 2
Or Rudiments of Honour Containing the Origin of the Scots and Sucession of Their Kings Also the Scottish Nobility with Their Arms the Fourth Edition Corrected and Enlarged to the Year 1741 VolIII of 3 Volume 3
ACTA Regia Or an Account of the Treaties Letters and Instruments Between the Monarchs of England and Foreign Powers Publishd in Mr Rymers Foedera Translated from the French of M Rapin as Publishd by M Le Clerc of 4 Volume 4
Remarks on the Influence of Climate Situation Nature of Country Population Nature of Food and Way of Life on the Disposition and Temper Manners and Behaviour Intellects Laws and Customs Form of Government and Religion
In Which the Words Are Deduced from Their Originals Explained in Their Different Meanings Abstracted from the Folio Edition Also a Grammar of the English Language in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
Holy Thoughts on a God Made Man Or the Mysterious Trinity Provd Also Reasons Given That the Wise Creator Framd Not the Universal All Only for the Benefit of This Earthly Globe But Likewise for Many Other Worlds
That Is to the End of the Commonwealth by Mr Rollin Translated from the French in Ten Volumes the Third Edition Illustrated with Maps and Copper-Plates of 10 Volume 3
The Spirit of Enthusiasm Exorcised In a Sermon Preachd Before the University of Oxford the Fourth Edition Much Enlargd by George Hickes DD with Two Discourses the First the History of Montanism by a Lay-Gentleman
Clarissa Or the History of a Young Lady Comprehending the Most Important Concerns of Private Life in a Series of Letters Formerly Published in Eight Volumes Now Comprised in Two Large Volumes Octavo of 2 Volume 2
The Roman History With Notes Historical Geographical and Critical Illustrated with Copper Plates Maps and a Great Number of Authentick Medals Done Into English from the Original French of the Revd Fathers Catrou and Rouilli of 6 Volume 6
Discourses of the Honourable and Reverend William Bromley Cadogan to Which Are Now Added Short Observations on the Lords Prayer and Letters to Several of His Friends the Whole Collected Into One Volume with Memoirs of His Life
Comprehending the Most Approved Precedents and Forms of Practice With an Index Incorporating and Making It a Continuation of Townshends and Cornwalls Tables by John Wentworth Vol IX of 10 Volume 9
Culpepers English Family Physician Or Medical Herbal Enlarged with Several Hundred Additional Plants Principally from Sir John Hill Medicinally and Astrologically Arranged After the Manner of Culpeper of 2 Volume 2
In Which the Words Are Deduced from Their Originals Explained in Their Different Meanings Abstracted from the Folio Edition by the Author Samuel Johnson the Eighth Edition of 2 Volume 1
Political Miscellaneous and Philosophical Pieces Arranged Under the Following Heads and Distinguished by Initial Letters in Each Leaf GP General Politics ABT American Politics Before the Troubles
A Large Dictionary English and Dutch in Two Parts The Third Edition Upon a Copy Corrected and Enlarged by the Authors Own Hand Groot Woordenboek Der Engelsche En Nederduytsche Taalen Door W Sewel de Derde Druk of 2 Volume 2
The Credibility of the Gospel History Or the Facts Occasionally Mentiond in the New Testament Confirmed by Passages of Ancient Authors with an Appendix Concerning the Time of Herods Death the Second Edition with Additions
The History of the Reformation and Other Ecclesiastical Transactions in and about the Low-Countries from the Beginning of the Eighth Century Down to the Famous Synod of Dort Inclusive of 4 Volume 2
The Ancient and Present State of the University of Oxford Containing I an Account of Its Antiquity II an Account of Its Colleges III an Account of the Laws of 2 Volume 1
The Athenian Oracle Being an Entire Collection of All the Valuable Questions and Answers in the Old Athenian Mercuries Intermixd with Many Cases in Divinity History Philosophy Mathematics Love Poetry Never Before Publishd of 4 Volume 3
The History of England from the Invasion of Julius Cisar to the Revolution in 1688 in Eight Volumes a New Edition Corrected of 8 Volume 5
The Gentleman Instructed in the Conduct of a Virtuous and Happy Life in Three Parts Written for the Instruction of a Young Nobleman to Which Is Added a Word to the Ladies by Way of Supplement to the First Part the Fifth Edition
The Ancient History of the Egyptians Carthaginians Assyrians Babylonians Medes and Persians Macedonians and Grecians in Seven Volumes the Seventh Edition Illustrated with Copper-Plates and a Set of Maps of 7 Volume 2
The History of Modern Europe with an Account of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and a View of the Progress of Society from the Rise of the Modern Kingdoms to 1763 in Letters from a Nobleman to His Son a New Edition of 5 Volume 1
A New and Complete System of Geography Containing a Full Accurate Authentic and Interesting Account and Description of Europe Asia Africa and America by Charles Theodore Middleton Esq Assisted by Several Gentlemen of 2 Volume 1
The History of the Propagation of Christianity and Overthrow of Paganism by Robert Millar the Second Edition of 2 Volume 2
The Dramatic Works of Shakespeare in Six Volumes With Notes by Joseph Rann A M Vicar of St Trinity in Coventry Volume VI of 6 Volume 6
A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies Revised Augmented and Published in Ten Volumes by the Abbi Raynal Newly Translated from the French in Six Volumes of 6 Volume 3
The Brotherhood
A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America Against the Attack of M Turgot in His Letter to Dr Price Dated the Twenty-Second Day of March 1778 the Third Edition of 3 Volume 3
The British Empire in America Containing the History of the Discovery Settlement Progress and State of the British Colonies on the Continent and Islands of America Second Edition with the Continuation of the History of 2 Volume 1
The Old and New Testament Connected in the History of the Jews and Neighbouring Nations by Humphrey Prideaux of 2 Volume 1
A General Abridgment of Law and Equity Alphabetically Digested Under Proper Titles With Notes and References to the Whole by Charles Viner Esq Vol III the Second Edition of 24 Volume 3
The Athenian Oracle Being an Entire Collection of All the Valuable Questions and Answers in the Old Athenian Mercuries Intermixd with Many Cases in Divinity History Philosophy Mathematics Love Poetry Never Before Publishd of 4 Volume 2
The History of England as Well Ecclesiastical as CivilVol XII Done Into English from the French with Large and Useful Notes by N Tindal of 15 Volume 12
An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by the Order of His Present Majesty for Making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere to Which Is Added a Voyage to the North Pole by Commodore Phipps in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
The Reports of Sir Edward Coke Knt in English in Thirteen Parts Complete Translated and Compared with the First and Last Edition in French the Whole Newly Revised and Carefully Corrected and Translated by George Wilson of 7 Volume 1
An Abridgment of Ecclesiastical History from the Birth of Christ to the Beginning of the Present Century by the Late Learned John Lawrence Mosheim Translated from the Original by Archibald Maclaine of 2 Volume 2
A New System of Physiology Comprehending the Laws by Which Animated Beings in General and the Human Species in Particular Are Governed in Their Several States of Health and Disease the Second Edition in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
The Life of Robert Lord Clive Baron Plassey Wherein Are Impartially Delineated His Military Talents in the Field His Maxims of Government in the Cabinet During the Two Last Wars in the East Indies of 4 Volume 4
The Works of Jacob Behmen the Teutonic Theosopher Volume II to Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author with Figures Illustrating His Principles Left by the Reverend William Law MA of 4 Volume 2
The Whole Works of the Reverend and Learned MR John Willison Late Minister of the Gospel at Dundee in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 4
The Roman History from the Settlement of the Empire by Augustus Cisar to the Removal of the Imperial Seat by Constantine the Great Vol II the Third Edition Corrected by Laurence Echard of 2 Volume 2
A New System of the Natural History of Quadrupeds Birds Fishes - And Insects in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 2
The Annual Register or a View of the History Politicks and Literature for the Year 1769
The Works of the Right Honourable Joseph Addison Esq In Four Volumes of 4 Volume 1
The History of England as Well Ecclesiastical as Civil by Mr de Rapin Thoyras Done Into English from the French with Large and Useful Notes by N Tindal of 15 Volume 12
The Lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff Esq of 2 Volume 1
An Exact Abridgment of All the Statutes in Force and Use from Magna Charta 9 H 3 to the Beginning of the Reign of King George in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 4
The Compleat History and Antiquities of the Antient Egyptians Babylonians Romans Assyrians Medes Persians Grecians and Carthaginians Extracted from the Most Eminent Writers of Those Different Nations by Paul Chamberlen Esq
A Compleat History of the Affairs of Spain from the First Treaty of Partition to This Present Time by J C MD
The Baptist Annual Register for 1790 1791 1792 and Part of 1793 Including Sketches of the State of Religion Among Different Denominations of Good Men at Home and Abroad by John Rippon DD
The Annual Register or a View of the History Politics and Literature for the Year 1773 the Second Edition
The History of England from the Invasion of Julius Cisar to the Revolution in 1688 by David Hume Esq a New Edition Corrected to Which Is Added a Complete Index of 8 Volume 8
A Collection of the Parliamentary Debates in England from the Year M DC LXVIII to the Present Time of 24 Volume 19
The History of the Rebellion and Civil-War in Ireland by Ferdo Warner LLD the Second Edition
The Whole Works of the Reverend and Learned MR John Willison Late Minister of the Gospel at Dundee in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 1
The Annual Register or a View of the History Politicks and Literature for the Year 1768
The Report of Several Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Court of Kings Bench from the First Year of King James the Second to the Tenth Year of King William the Third Collected by Roger Comberbach Published by His Son
The Confession of Faith The Larger and Shorter Catechisms with the Scripture-Proofs at Large of Publick Authority in the Church of Scotland
The History of America by William Robertson of 2 Volume 2
The History of England as Well Ecclesiastical as Civil by Mr de Rapin Thoyras Done Into English from the French with Large and Useful Notes by N Tindal of 15 Volume 10
Axel Hutte Imperial - Majestic - Magical
Dark Sunny
By Law or In Justice The Indian Specific Claims Commission and the Struggle for Indigenous Justice
Allied Seafarers in the Second World War
Die Neuen Leiden Des Midchens Kieu
The Triple Whammy and Other Russian Stories A Memoir
Interchange Level 2a Students Book with Online Self-Study and Online Workbook Balqaa Applied University Edition
Optik Schroeder II Werke aus der Sammlung Schroeder
Historia de Cuba En Cien Barcos
The Last Journals of David Livingstone
Seasonal macros 2019 Details of our natural world from around the year
The Professor A Tale
The Leffingwell Record 1637-1897 A Genealogy of the Descendants of Lieut Thomas Leffingwell One of the Founders of Norwich Conn
The Horse in Blackfoot Indian Culture With Comparative Material from Other Western Tribes
Puerto Rico y Su Historia Investigaciones Criticas
Hannibal Vol 2 of 2 A History of the Art of War Among the Carthaginians and Romans Down to the Battle of Pydna 168 B C with a Detailed Account of the Second Punic War
The Psalter of the Great Bible of 1539 A Landmark in English Literature
Analytical Psychology
The Trowbridge Genealogy History of the Trowbridge Family in America
La Pensie Sauvage
Three Books of Occult Philosophy or Magic Vol 1 Natural Magic Which Includes the Early Life of Agrippa His Seventy-Four Chapters on Natural Magic New Notes Illustrations Index and Other Original and Selected Matter
History of the Hubbell Family Containing Genealogical Records of the Ancestors and Descendants of Richard Hubbell from A D 1086 to A D 1915
Musical Instruments The Irish and the Highland Harps
Selbsttitige Erziehung Im Frihen Kindesalter Nach Den Grundsitzen Der Wissenschaftlichen Pidagogik Methodisch Dargelegt
Reincarnation a Study of Forgotten Truth
Mothers Songs Games and Stories Fribels the Kose-Lieder
Stepping Heavenward
Complete Works of Oscar Wilde The Happy Prince and Other Tales Lord Arthur Savilles Crime and Other Prose Pieces
Lloyds Steamboat Directory and Disasters on the Western Waters Containing the History of the First Application of Steam as a Motive Power The Lives of John Fitch and Robert Fulton Likeness Engravings of Their First Steamboats
Historic Families of Kentucky With Special Reference to Stocks Immediately Derived from the Valley of Virginia Tracing in Detail Their Various Genealogical Connexions and Illustrating from Historic Sources Their Influence Upon the Political and Social D
The Record Interpreter A Collection of Abbreviations Latin Words and Names Used in English Historical Manuscripts and Records
The Story of the Palatines An Episode in Colonial History
Small Motors Transformers Electromagnets A Practical Presentation of Design and Construction Data for Small Motors Small Low-And High-Tension Transformers Electromagnets and Induction Coils
The Swimmer Manuscript Cherokee Sacred Formulas and Medicinal Prescriptions
Napoleons Letters to Josephine 1796-1812 For the First Time Collected and Translated with Notes Social Historical and Chronological from Contemporary Sources
Moths of the Limberlost With Water Color and Photographic Illustrations from Life
Joy and Strength for the Pilgrims Day
History of Scituate Massachusetts From Its First Settlement to 1831
A Practical Handbook on the Distillation of Alcohol from Farm Products Including the Processes of Malting Mashing and Mascerating Fermenting and Distilling Alcohol from Grain Beets Potatoes Molasses Etc with Chapters on Alcoholometry and the De-N
The Spirit of Man An Anthology in English and French from the Philosophers and Poets Made by the Poet Laureate in 1915 and Dedicated by Gracious Permission to His Majesty the King
The Embassy of Sir Thomas Roe to the Court of the Great Mogul 1615-1619 Vol 1 As Narrated in His Journal and Correspondence
Principles of the Harmony and Contrast of Colours And Their Applications to the Arts Including Painting Interior Decoration Tapestriks Carpets Mosaics Coloured Glazing Paper-Staining Calico-Printing Letterpress-Printing Map-Colouring Dress La
Bodily Changes in Pain Hunger Fear and Rage An Account of Recent Researches Into the Function of Emotional Excitement
Modern American Rifles With Descriptions of Processes of Manufacturing Appliances Used by Riflemen for Hunting and Target Shooting Directions for Bullet-Making and Reloading Cartridge Positions Adopted in Various Styles of Shooting Trajectories of Ri
Self-Help Con Ejemplos Sobre El Caracter La Conducta
Graphology How to Read from Handwriting Studies in Character Reading a Text-Book of Graphology for Experts Students and Laymen
Journal of a West-India Proprietor Kept During a Residence in the Island of Jamaica
Our Bible and the Ancient Manuscripts Being a History of the Text and Its Translations
Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds Vol 2
Movable Bridges Vol 1 of 2
A History of Champagne With Notes on the Other Sparkling Wines of France
Latin for Beginners
OEsterreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie in Wort Und Bild Die Das Kustenland (Goerz Gradiska Triest Und Istrien)
A Brief History of Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases Vol 2 With the Principal Phenomena of the Physical World Which Precede and Accompany Them and Observations Deduced from the Facts Stated
Cancer Its Cause and Treatment
Underwood of Korea Being an Intimate Record of the Life and Work of the Rev H G Underwood DD LL D for Thirty-One Years a Missionary of the Presbyterian Board in Korea
Hints on Household Taste in Furniture Upholstery and Other Details
The Gay Gordons Some Strange Adventures of a Famous Scots Family
The British Fruit-Gardener and Art of Pruning Comprising the Most Approved Methods of Planting and Raising Every Useful Fruit-Tree and Fruit-Bearing-Shrub Whether for Walls Espaliers Standards Half-Standards or Dwarfs The True Sucessful Practice O
Geschichte Italiens Im Mittelalter Von Ludo Moritz Hartmann
A Shooting Trip to Kamchatka With 113 Illustrations 5 Photogravures And Maps
Aboriginal Siberia A Study in Social Anthropology
British War Dogs Their Training and Psychology
The Rothschilds The Financial Rulers of Nations
Russian Dissenters
The Price of Youth
A History of the Town of East-Hampton N y Including an Address Delivered at the Celebration of the Bi-Centennial Anniversary of Its Settlement in 1849
T A B A Memoir of Thomas Allnutt Second Earl Brassey
Campbell-Rice Debate on the Holy Spirit Being the Fifth Proposition in the Great Debate on baptism holy Spirit and creeds Held in Lexington Kentucky Beginning November 15 1843 and Continuing Eighteen Days Between Alexander Campbell Christia
Questions de Critique
The Art of Writing English A Manual for Students With Chapters on Paraphrasing Essay-Writing Precis-Writing Punctuation and Other Matters
Pulpit and Grave A Volume of Funeral Sermons and Addresses from Leading Pulpits of America England Germany and France Containing 90 Sermons Sketches of Sermons and Obituary Addresses
Emerald and Ermine A Tale of the Argoat
Political Ballads Vol 1 of 2 Of the Seventeenth and Eighteen Centuries Annotated
The Works of Thomas Gray Vol 2 of 2 Containing His Poems and Correspondence with Several Eminent Literary Characters To Which Are Added Memoirs of His Life and Writings
Saddles and Lariats the Largely True Story of the Bar-Circle Outfit and of Their Attempt to Take a Big Drove of Longhorns from Texas to California in the Days When the Gold Fever Raged
Demetrius on Style The Greek Text of Demetrius de Elocutione Edited After the Paris Manuscript with Introduction Translation Facsimiles Etc
Medical Education in the United States and Canada A Report to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
The Parables of Our Lord Explained and Applied
Pioneers of Marion County Consisting of a General History of the County from Its Early Settlement to the Present Date
The Fanatics
The Metallurgy of the Common Metals Gold Silver Iron Copper Lead and Zinc
Cassells History of the Russo-Japanese War Vol 1
Sport and Adventures Among the North-American Indians
Moses and the Prophets The Old Testament in the Jewish Church
Camp-Fires of a Naturalist The Story of Fourteen Expeditions After North American Mammals
The Shepherd of the Hills A Novel
The Lure of the Labrador Wild The Story of the Exploring Expedition Conducted by Leonidas Hubbard Jr
Romance to the Rescue
The Church Enchained
The Book of Judges In the Revised Version with Introduction and Notes
The Idea of God Historical Critical Constructive
The Marquis of Pombal
The Life of Oliver Ellsworth
Cyzicus Being Some Account of the History and Antiquities of That City and of the District Adjacent to It with the Towns of Apollonia Ad Rhyndacum Miletupolis Hadrianutherae Priapus Zeleia Etc
Reuben and Rachel or Tales of Old Times A Novel
History of the Town of Perry New York
Modern Painters of Ideas of Beauty and Of Vol 1 of 2
The Elements of Morality Vol 1 of 2 Including Polity
Daughter of the ELM A Tale of Western Virginia Before the War
Socrate Moderno Novelle
Nights and Days on the Gypsy Trail Through Andalusia and on Other Mediterranean Shores
Deutschen Dokumente Zum Kriegsausbruch Vol 1 Die Vom Attentat in Sarajevo Bis Zum Eintreffen Der Serbischen Antwortnote in Berlin Nebst Einigen Dokumenten Aus Den Vorhergehenden Wochen
Gods Covenant Man British-Israel
Ansichten Von Der Nachtseite Der Naturwissenschaft
The Story of the Christians and Moors of Spain
Spondylotherapy Spinal Concussion and the Application of Other Methods to the Spine in the Treatment of Disease
Little Visits with Great Americans or Success Ideals and How to Attain Them
Historical Sketch of the Second War Between the Unites States of America and Great Britain Declared by Act of Congress the 18th of June 1812 and Concluded by Peace the 15th of February 1815
Latin Exercises Adapted to Andrews and Stoddards Latin Grammar
Campbells 1907 Soil Culture Manual A Complete Guide to Scientific Agriculture as Adapted to the Semi-Arid Regions
Mudririkshasa With the Commentary of Dhundhirija Edited with Critical and Explanatory Notes
Memoirs of Monsieur dArtagnan Vol 2 Captain Lieutenant of the 1st Company of the Kings Musketeers The Lieutenant
Die Briefe Von Abilard Und Heloise
From the West to the West Across the Plains to Oregon
The Life of Ellen H Richards
Euclides Elements The Whole Fifteen Books Compendiously Demonstrated With Archimedess Theorems of the Sphere and Cylinder Investigated by the Method of Indivisibles
A Synopsis of the British Flora Arranged According to the Natural Orders Containing Vasculares or Flowering Plants
Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening Including Some Remarks on Grecian and Gothic Architecture Collected from Various Manuscripts in the Possession of the Different Noblemen and Gentlemen for Whose Use They Were Originally Writt
A Narrative of the Transactions in Bengal from the Year 1760 to the Year 1764 During the Government of Mr Henry Vansittart Vol 1 of 3
From Libau to Tsushima A Narrative of the Voyage of Admiral Rojdestvenskys Fleet to Eastern Seas Including a Detailed Account of the Dogger Bank Incident
The Science of Happiness
Die Elemente Der Mathematik Vol 1 Gemeine Arithmetik Allgemeine Arithmetik Algebra
The United States Customs Guide Vol 4
The Jordan Valley and Petra Vol 1 of 2
Josi Rizal Philippine Patriot Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Morir
Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions Vol 1 And the Madness of Crowds
The First Five Hundred Being a Historical Sketch of the Military Operations of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in Gallipoli and on the Western Front During the Great War (1914-1918)
Great Love Stories of the Theatre A Record of Theatrical Romance
The Early Diary of Frances Burney 1768-1778 Vol 1 of 2 With a Selection from Her Correspondence and from the Journals of Her Sisters Susan and Charlotte Burney
Traiti de Composition Musicale
The Political Mirror or Review of Jacksonism
Happy Days
Manuel ipistolaire i lUsage de la Jeunesse Ou Instructions Ginirales Et Particuliires Sur Les Divers Genres de Correspondance Suivies dExemples Puisis Dans Nos Meilleurs icrivains
Turf for Golf Courses
Captain Fracasse Vol 3 My Private Menagerie
With Frederick the Great A Story of the Seven Years War
Twenty-Five Years of St Andrews Vol 1 of 2 September 1865 to September 1890
The Poems of David i Bruadair Vol 3 Containing Poems from the Year 1682 Till the Poets Death in 1698
The Children in the Shadow
Hardings Luck
Sagen Und Erzihlungen Aus Der Provinz Posen
A Commentary on the Whole Epistle to the Hebrews Vol 2 Being the Substance of Thirty Years Wednesdays Lectures at Blackfriars London
Memoirs of Chaplain Life
Trial of Simon Lord Lovat of the 45
The Special Class for Backward Children An Educational Experiment Conducted for the Instruction of Teachers and Other Students of Child Welfare by the Psychological Laboratory and Clinic of the University of Pennsylvania
Supplementary Real and Personal Property Inventory Report (Civilian and Military) of the United States Government Located in the Continental United States in the Territories and Overseas as of June 30 1956 Eighty-Fourth Congress Second Session
Orlando Innamorato del S Matteo Maria Boiardo Conte Di Scandiano
Die Frauen Vol 6 Culturgeschichtliche Schilderungen Des Zustandes Und Einflusses Der Frauen in Den Verschiedenen Zonen Und Zeitaltern
A Voyage Towards the South Pole Performed in the Years 1822-24 Containing an Examination of the Antartic Sea to the Seventy-Fourth Degree of Latitude And a Visit Toward to Tierra del Fuego with a Particular Account of the Inhabitants to Which Is Add
The Golden Legend Lives of the Saints
The Shameless Diary of an Explorer With Illustration from Photographs by the Author
Dictionnaire Franiais-Wolof Et Franiais-Bambara Suivi Du Dictionnaire Wolof-Franiais
Friends in Feathers Character Studies of Native American Birds Which Through Friendly Advances I Induced to Pose for Me or Succeeded in Photographing by Good Fortune with the Story of My Experiences in Obtaining Their Pictures
Geodetic Surveying And the Adjustment of Observations (Method of Least Squares)
Handbook on the Sugar Industry of the Philippine Islands In Two Parts Part I the Sugar Industry of the Philippine Islands Part II the Sugar Industry in the Island of Negros
Investors Supplement of the Commercial and Financial Chronicle Vol 56 Jan 28 1893
Historical Presentation of Augustinism and Pelagianism from the Original Sources
The History of Warwick Rhode Island from Its Settlement in 1642 to the Present Time Including Accounts of the Early Settlement and Development of Its Several Villages Sketches of the Origin and Progress of the Different Churches of the Town c c
A Short History of Syriac Literature
Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory Vol 2 of 2 Delivered to the Classes of Senior and Junior Sophisters in Harvard University
A Treatise on Fluxions Vol 2 of 2
Morocco That Was
Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper County Virginia Embracing a Revised and Enlarged Edition of Dr Philip Slaughters History of St Marks Parish
Dames and Daughters of Colonial Days
Mans Supreme Inheritance Conscious Guidance and Control in Relation to Human Evolution in Civilization
The Shame of the Cities
George Westinghouse His Life and Achievements
Felix Fabri Vol 1 Circa 1480-1483 A D
The Nature of Existence Vol 1
The Play of Man
The Quotations of the New Testament from the Old Considered in the Light of General Literature
The Deforests of Avesnes (and of New Netherland) A Huguenot Thread in American Colonial History 1494 to the Present Time with Three Heraldic Illustrations
Sumerian and Babylonian Psalms
A Handbook of Physical Diagnosis Of Diseases of the Organs of Respiration and Heart and of Aortic Aneurism
The Rainbow Bridge
Historical Manual of English Prosody
Marble and Marble Working A Handbook for Architects Sculptors Marble Quarry Owners and Workers and All Engaged in the Building and Decorative Industries
Cross River Natives Being Some Notes on the Primitive Pagans of Obubura Hill District Southern Nigeria Including a Description of the Circles of Upright Sculptured Stones on the Left Bank of the Aweyong River
The Oecumenical Documents of the Faith The Creed of Nicaea Three Epistles of Cyril the Tome of Leo the Chalcedonian Definition
Interior Decoration Its Principles and Practice
Names And Their Meaning A Book for the Curious
Pioneer Times in the Onondaga Country
History of the Families of McKinney-Brady-Quigley
The Mechanics of Hoisting Machinery Including Accumulators Excavators and Pile-Drivers A Text-Book for Technical Schools and a Guide for Practical Engineers
About Persia and Its People Descriptive of Their Manners Customs and Home Life Including Engagements Marriages Modes of Traveling Form of Punishments Superstitions Etc
The Real Captain Kidd A Vindication
The Polish Peasant in Europe and America Vol 4
On the Trail of Geronimo Or in the Apache Country
A Collection of Treaties Engagements and Sanads Relating to India and Neighbouring Countries Vol 10 Containing the Treatises Etc Relating to Persia and the Persian Gulf
The History of the Brigham Family Vol 2
The Evolution of Mine-Surveying Instruments Comprising the Original Paper of Mr Scott on the Subject Together with the Discussion Thereof and Independent Contributions on the Subject
Groton During the Revolution with an Appendix
Friendship the Master-Passion Or the Nature and History of Friendship and Its Place as a Force in the World
An Essay on Moral Agency Containing Remarks on a Late Anonymous Publication Entitled an Examination of the Late President Edwardss Inquiry on Freedom of Will
The Analysis and Softening of Boiler-Water
The Panama Guide
The History of the Castle of York From Its Foundation to the Present Day with an Account of the Building of Cliffords Tower
The Book of Witches
Is Marriage a Failure
Another Hardy Garden Book
The Vish324u Puri324a Vol 2 A System of Hindu Mythology and Tradition
Manual of Ancient Sculpture Egyptian Assyrian Greek Roman with One Hundred and Sixty Illustrations a Map of Ancient Greece and a Chronological List of Ancient Sculptors and Their Works
Modern Accounting Its Principles and Some of Its Problems
The History of Babylonia and Assyria
I Go A-Fishing
An Advanced English Grammar With Exercises
Opera Synopses A Guide to the Plots and Characters of the Standard Operas
A Book of Fishing Stories
Development of Muslim Theology Jurisprudence and Constitutional Theory
Traditions of Freemasonry And Its Coincidences with the Ancient Mysteries
Tales from Sacchetti
Seeing the Invisible Practical Studies in Psychometry Thought Transference Telepathy and Allied Phenomena
The Mathematician Vol 3
Illustrated Horse Breaking
Ridpaths History of the World Vol 5 of 9
Eton in the seventies
The Lure of Life
The Confessions of a Well-Meaning Woman
Russische Papierwihrung Die Eine Volkswirthschaftliche Und Finanzpolitische Studie Nebst Vorschligen Zur Herstellung Der Valuta
A Comparative Grammar of the South African Bantu Languages Comprising Those of Zanzibar Mozambique the Zambezi Kafirland Benguela Angola the Congo the Ogowe the Cameroons the Lake Region Etc
The Library of the Late George Pepperdine of Springfield Missouri 1920 Vol 2 Consisting Mainly of the Best Books in Biography Drama Art Psychology Criticism Poetry History Travel Philosophy and Political and Social Science Published During T
Journal of the Proceedings of the City Council of the City of Chicago Illinois 1933
Cornish coast 2019 The North Coast of Cornwall
The Law Library May and June 1856
de Vita Rebus Gestis Serenissimae Principis Mariae Scotorum Reginae Franciae Dotariae Quae Scriptis Tradidere Autores Sedecim in Duo Volumina Distributa Et Ad Optimae Fidei Codices Recensita a Samuele Jebb of 2 Volume 1
Octobre lumineux 2019 Au fil des pages aux couleurs de lautomne
A Dictionary of Chemistry with a Considerable Number of Tables Illustrated with Engravings by William Nicholson in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
Elegant Extracts Or Useful and Entertaining Passages in Prose a New Edition
Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Court of Kings Bench Since the Death of Lord Raymond in Four Parts by Sir James Burrow of 5 Volume 2
The Holy Bible Adapted to the Use of Schools and Families Containing All Those Parts of the Old and New Testament Which Relate to the Faith and Practice of a Christian with Short Notes by Dr Watts
Promenade lisboete 2019 Decouvrez la ville de Lisbonne en images
The History of England from the Death of George the Second to the Year 1765 Designed as a Continuation of Mr Humes History Volume VII
Recueil Des Chefs-dOeuvre Des Plus Cilibres Beaux-Esprits Franiois Tant En Vers Quen Prose Nouvelle idition Augmentie Et Corrigie Avec Soin
Elements of Criticism the Fourth Edition with Additions and Improvements of 2 Volume 2
The Works of Lucian from the Greek by Thomas Francklin of 4 Volume 3
Arcana Coelestia Quae in Scriptura Sacra Seu Verbo Domini Sunt Detecta Hic Primum Quae in Genesi Una Cum Mirabilibus Quae Visa Sunt in Mundo Spirituum in Coelo Angelorum Pars Tertia of 8 Volume 3
Being a Supplement to Viners Abridgment by Several Gentlemen in the Respective Branches of the Law Volume the First of 6 Volume 1
The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke Collected in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 2
Being a Supplement to Viners Abridgment by Several Gentlemen in the Respective Branches of the Law Volume the Third of 6 Volume 3
Portraits dorchidees sauvages 2019 Les plus belles des fleurs
The Hediya or Guide A Commentary on the Mussulman Laws Translated by Order of the Governor-General and Council of Bengal by Charles Hamilton of 4 Volume 3
Voyage en peinture 2019 Tableaux a lhuile sur le theme du voyage
Wed by Necessity
Home Waters Royal Navy Royal Canadian Navy and US Navy Mine Forces Battling U-Boats in World War I
Where the Wild Cherries Grow A Novel of the South of France
In Christ in Paul Explorations in Pauls Theology of Union and Participation
The Gentleman Instructed in the Conduct of a Virtuous and Happy Life in Three Parts the Tenth Edition
The Man in the Crooked Hat
Surrender to the Highlander
Docker in Practice Second Edition
Cuz The Life and Times of Michael A
Life Adventures Level 3 Pupils Book Going Places
Material Adverse Change Lessons from Failed MAs
An Assessment of Options for Increasing Gender Integration in Air Force Basic Military Training
GATE TO FAIRYLAND 2019 Medial photographs brings you into the land of fantasy
The Marvelous Misadventures of Ingrid Winter
Strengthening Shardara multi-Purpose water infrastructure in Kazakhstan
Math Musicals Newton and Descartes - Day at the Beach
Grist Mill Road
Being an Explanation and Vindication of the Principles and Doctrines of the People Called Quakers Written in Latin and English by Robert Barclay the Eighth Edition in English
Genese Bedeutung Und Wirkung
Two Rivers a World Apart
Rethinking regional development policy-making
James S Wadsworth of Geneseo Brevet Major-General of United States Volunteers
The Eighth Illinois
Genealogy of the Rodman Family 1620 to 1886
On Snow-Shoes to the Barren Grounds Twenty-Eight Hundred Miles After Musk-Oxen and Wood-Bison
Poems of John Donne
Monarchs of Minstrelsy from Daddy Rice to Date
Prisoners of War in France from 1804 to 1814 Being the Adventures of John Tregerthen Short and Thomas Williams of St Ives Cornwall
The Driving Clubs of Greater Boston
Vita Di Vittorio Alfieri Scritta Da Esso Edizione Arricchita Di Alcune
The Respiratory Function of the Blood
The Gild Merchant a Contribution to British Municipal History Vol 1
Steam Heating for Buildings or Hints to Steam Fitters Being a Description of Steam Heating Apparatus for Warming and Ventilating Private Houses and Large Buildings with Remarks on Steam Water and Air in Their Relation to Heating To Which Are Added
Geschichte Des Breslauer Theaters Von 1841 Bis 1900
Montclair The Evolution of a Suburban Town
Notes of a Short Tour Through the Midland Counties of Ireland In the Summer of 1836 with Observations on the Condition of the Peasantry
History of the Underground Railroad as It Was Conducted By the Anti-Slavery League Including Many Thrilling Encounters Between Those Aiding the Slaves to Escape and Those Trying to Recapture Them
In the Prison Camps of Germany A Narrative of y Service Among Prisoners of War
On the Trail of a Spanish Pioneer Vol 1 of 2 The Diary and Itinerary of Francisco Garcis
Historia de Los Vascos En El Descubrimiento Conquista y Civilizaciin de Amirica
The Prindle Genealogy Embracing the Descendants of William Pringle the First Settler in Part for Six Seven and Eight Generations and Also the Ancestors and Descendants of Zalmon Prindle for Ten Generations Covering a Period of Two Hundred and Fift
Allgemeine Geschichte Der Philosophie Mit Besonderer Bericksichtigung Der Religionen
Jardim Das Tormentas
A Temporary Gentleman in France Home Letters from an Officer at the Front
Causas y Consecuencias Antecedentes Diplomiticos y Efectos de la Guerra Hispanoamericana
Thomas Ritchie A Study in Virginia Politics
A Manual of Instruction for Infants Schools With an Engraved Sketch of the Area of an Infants School Room and Play Ground of the Abacus of a Scheme of Instruction and the Tables of Numbers
Journals of the House of Burgesses of Virginia 1619-1658 59
Research Methods in Ecology
The Land of Manfred Prince of Tarentum and King of Sicily Rambles in Remote Parts of Southern Italy with Special Reference to Their Historical Associations
Illustrated History of the Union Stockyards Sketch-Book of Familiar Faces and Places at the Yards Not Forgetting Reminiscences of the Yards Humorous and Otherwise Joe Getler and His Cats the Hustling Commission Men the Widow of the Deceased the Bel
The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Samuel Daniel Vol 2 of 4 The Civile Wars Between the Two Houses of Lancaster and Yorke 1595-1623
Antonio Stradivari His Life and Work (1644-1737)
A Hebrew and English Dictionary Containing All the Hebrew and Chaldee Words Used in the Old Testament Arranged Under One Alphabet the Derivatives Referred to Their Respective Roots and Their Signification in English
Life and Her Children Glimpses of Animal Life from the Amoeba to the Insects
Le Comte de Monte-Cristo Vol 1
My Somali Book A Record of Two Shooting Trips
Dementia Pricox and Paraphrenia
Life and Labors of Duncan Matheson the Scottish Evangelist
Art and Handicraft in the Womans Building of the Worlds Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893
Primitive Time-Reckoning A Study in the Origins and First Development of the Art of Counting Time Among the Primitive and Early Culture Peoples
Sugar Analysis For Cane-Sugar and Beet-Sugar Houses Refineries and Experimental Stations And as a Handbook of Instruction in Schools of Chemical Technology
Elements of Physics
The Harmony of the World Being a Discourse of God Heaven Angels Stars Planets Earth the Miraculous Descentions and Ascentions of Spirits with the Nature and Harmony of Mans Body the Art of Preparing Rosie Crucian Medicines to Cure All Diseases
Sussex in the Great Civil War and the Interregnum 1642-1660
Chinese-English Dictionary Comprising Over 3 800 Characters with Translations Explanations Pronunciations
History of the War of the Sicilian Vespers Vol 1 of 3 By Michele Amari Edited with Introduction and Notes
The Works of William Mason Vol 3 of 4
Letters to Young Ladies on Their Entrance Into the World To Which Are Added Sketches from Real Life
The Landseekers
Found Art
The New Idealism
Memorial Biography of Adele M Fielde Humanitarian
Tales of My Neighborhood Vol 1 of 2
Kill Shot
Libertarians on the Prairie
A Distant Heart
King Arthurs Knights The Tales Re-Told for Boys Girls
Through Rushing Water
African Systems of Kinship and Marriage
John Randolph
The Climax Or What Might Have Been A Romance of the Great Republic
Sketches of the Physical Geography and Geology of Nebraska
History of the Second Regiment West Virginia Cavalry Volunteers During the War of the Rebellion
History of Madagascar Embracing the Progress of the Christian Mission and an Account of the Persecution of the Native Christians
Voices from Babylon Or the Records of Daniel the Prophet
The Slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine in 1919
Myths and Legends of Flowers Trees Fruits and Plants In All Ages and in All Climes
Aequanimitas With Other Addresses to Medical Students Nurses and Practitioners of Medicine
Lest We Forget World War Stories
Sierra Leone Its People Products and Secret Societies A Journey by Canoe Rail and Hammock Through a Land of Kernels Coconuts and Cacao with Instructions for Planting and Development
Across the Zodiac A Story of Adventure
Eugene Fromentin Painter and Writer
General Andrew Jackson Hero of New Orleans and Seventh President of the United States
The Divine Love A Series of Doctrinal Practical and Experimental Discourses
Life of Asa G Sheldon Wilmington Farmer
The Reminiscences of a Very Old Man 1808-1897
A Southern Record the History of the Third Regiment Louisiana Infantry
African Political Systems
The Women Artists of Bologna
The Game of Golf
A History of Laryngology and Rhinology
The Flight of the Eagle
Teatro Araldico Ovvero Raccolta Generale Delle Armi Ed Insegne Gentilizie Delle Pii Illustri E Nobili Casate Che Esisterono Un Tempo E Che Tutora Fioriscono in Tutta lItalia Vol 7
In Pursuit of Spring
Minutes of the Committee and of the First Commission for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies in the State of New York Vol 1 December 11 1776 September 23 1778 with Collateral Documents to Which Is Added Minutes of the Council of Appointment State
The Forms of Hebrew Poetry Considered with Special Reference to the Criticism and Interpretation of the Old Testament
Achillis Bocchii Bonon Symbolicarum Quaestionum de Universo Genere Quas Serio Ludebat Libri Quinque
Memoir and Correspondence of Caroline Herschel
Ecce Venit
The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion Containing a Choice Collection of Tunes Hymns Psalms Odes and Anthems Selected from the Most Eminent Authors in the United States Together with Nearly One Hundred New Tunes Which Have Never Before Been P
Caballos del Sahara Los
A Manual of Photographic Chemistry Including the Practice of the Collodion Process
Comparative Tests of Lead Lead Acid and Nickel Iron Alkaline Storage Batteries A Thesis
Robert Adam His Brothers Their Lives Work Influence on English Architecture Decoration and Furniture
A Tour Round My Garden
Strangers Within Our Gates Or Coming Canadians
Innern Communicationen Der Vereinigten Staaten Von Nordamerica Vol 1 Die
Die Psychischen Stirungen Des Kindesalters
Grundsitze Der Volkswirthschaftslehre
LAvenir de intelligence Suivi de Auguste Comte Romantisme Fiminin Mademoiselle Monk
the Negro a Beast or in the Image of God The Reasoner of the Age the Revelator of the Century! the Bible as It Is! the Negro and His Relation to the Human Family! the Negro Not the Son of Ham
Ka Hana Kapa Vol 3 The Making of Bark-Cloth in Hawaii
Le Hasard
Beethovens Neunte Symphonie Eine Darstellung Des Musikalischen Inhaltes Unter Fortlaufender Bericksichtigung Auch Des Vortrages Und Der Literatur
The Rosenkrans Family in Europe and America
History of the Town of Duxbury Massachusetts With Genealogical Registers
A Grammar and Dictionary of the Samoan Language With English and Samoan Vocabulary
The Story of a Cavalry Regiment Scotts 900 Eleventh New York Cavalry from the St Lawrence River to the Gulf of Mexico
Roald Amundsens the North West Passage Vol 1 Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship Gjoa 1903-1907
The Adventures of an Elephant Hunter
A Man in Christ The Vital Elements of St Pauls Religion
The Naturalists Diary A Day-Book of Meteorology Phenology and Rural Biology
The Principles of Mechanics Presented in a New Form
Coming of Age in Samoa A Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for Western Civilisation
The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
The Fians Or Stories Poems Traditions of Fionn and His Warrior Band
Modern Organization Theory A Symposium of the Foundation for Research on Human Behavior
Logick or the Right Use of Reason in the Enquiry After Truth With a Variety of Rules to Guard Against Error in the Affairs of Religion and Human Life as Well as in the Sciences
The Optimists Good Morning
Witchcraft Second Sight in the Highlands Islands of Scotland Tales and Traditions Collected
Heroic Virtue Vol 1 A Portion of the Treatise of Benedict XIV on the Beatification and Canonization of the Servants of God Translated Into English from the Original Latin
The Marrow of Sacred Divinity Drawne Out of the Holy Scriptures and the Interpreters Thereof and Brought Into Method
Yisuf and Zulaikha A Poem
Mary in the Epistles or the Implicit Teaching of the Apostles Concerning the Blessed Virgin Contained in Their Writings Illustrated from the Fathers and Other Authors with Introductory Chapters
Sermons on the Following Subjects Vol 3 Viz of the Liberty of Moral Agents a Virtuous Mind the Best Help to Understand True Religion the Practice of Morality Leads to the Practice of the Gospel the Character of a Good Man the Nature of Humane Acti
Evolution of Arthropod Mechanisms
Aventuras de Don Quijote
A Young Macedonian in the Army of Alexander the Great
Memoir of the Late Martha Hazeltine Smith
The Travellers Guide from Death to Life
A History of Assam
The Navy in the War of 1739-48 Vol 3 of 3
Memoirs of Monsieur dArtagnan Captain-Lieutenant of the First Company of the Kings Musketeers Vol 3 of 3 The Captain
Christianity and Anti-Christianity in Their Final Conflict
The Young Surveyors Guide or a New Introduction to the Whole Art of Surveying Land Both by the Chain and All Instruments Now in Use Now First Publishd from an Original MS to Which Is Added All the Useful Geometrical Definitions Axioms Problems
Poems of Christina Rossetti
Latin Phrase-Book
Einsteins Theory of Relativity
The Life of a Fossil Hunter
The White Hills Their Legends Landscape and Poetry
Structural Details Or Elements of Design in Timber Framing
A Dictionary of Scientific Terms Pronunciation Derivation and Definition of Terms in Biology Botany Zoology Anatomy Cytology Embryology Physiology
In Spain and a Visit to Portugal
Breviary Offices from Lauds to Compline Inclusive Translated and Arranged for Use from the Sarum Book
Devises Heroiques Et Emblemes
Human Nature and Conduct An Introduction to Social Psychology
The Model T Ford Car Truck and Conversion Sets Also Genuine Ford Farm Tractor Construction Operation and Repair A Complete Practical Treatise Explaining the Operating Principles of All Parts of the Ford Automobile with Complete Instructions for Drivi
Vedinta Philosophy Lectures by the Swimi Vivekinanda on Jnina Yoga
The Condition of Greece in 1827 and 1828 Being an Exposition of the Poverty Distress and Misery to Which the Inhabitants Have Been Reduced by the Destruction of Their Towns and Villages and the Ravages of Their Country by a Merciless Turkish Foe
Three Men in a Boat (to Say Nothing of the Dog)
History of the Clewell Family in the United States of America 1737-1907
Savrola A Tale of the Revolution in Laurania
The Haunted Bookshop
Society and Solitude
Remarks Upon Alchemy and the Alchemists Indicating a Method of Discovering the True Nature of Hermetic Philosophy And Showing That the Search After the Philosophers Stone Had Not for Its Object the Discovery of an Agent for the Transmutation of Metals
Netsuke The Life and Legend of Japan in Miniature
The Land Beyond the Forest Facts Figures and Fancies from Transylvania
Reprint of the Rare 1772 Edition of William Prestons Illustrations of Masonry With Biographical Notice
Les Propos de Table de Martin Luther Revus Sur Les iditions Originales Et Traduits Pour La Premiire Fois En Franiais
Le Thiosophisme Histoire dUne Pseudo-Religion
A History of Iowa Baptist Schools
Geschichte Des Musik-Und Concertwesens in Hamburg Vom 14 Jahrhundert Bis Auf Die Gegenwart
Gedichte Von Gottfried August Birger Vol 1
Thiitre de Voltaire Vol 5 Le
European Settlements in the Far East China Japan Corea Indo-China Straits Settlements Malay States Siam Netherlands India Borneo the Philippines Etc
Standard Practical Plumbing An Exhaustive Treatise on All Branches of Plumbing Construction Including Drainage and Venting Ventilation Hot and Cold Water Supply and Circulation
Thiringen Vol 1 Ein Geographisches Handbuch Das Land Grenzen Bodengestalt Und Gewisser Schichtenaufbau Und Entstehungsgeschichte Klima
Eskimoleben Aus Dem Norwegischen ibersetzt
Alliance Against Hitler The Origins of the Franco-Soviet Pact
A History of the Papacy During the Period of the Reformation Vol 4
History of Art Ancient Art
Other Worlds Than Ours The Plurality of Worlds Studied Under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches
Jacob Boehme His Life and Teaching or Studies in Theosophy
Reminiscences of the War
The Tragedy of Sir Francis Bacon An Appeal for Further Investigation and Research
Jack Pots Stories of the Great American Game
Wild Sports of the West With Legendary Tales and Local Sketches
The Occult Sciences Sketches of the Traditions and Superstitions of Past Times and the Marvels of the Present Day
Yedo and Peking A Narrative of a Journey to the Capitals of Japan and China
The Spanish Borderlands A Chronicle of Old Florida and the Southwest
Jennie Junes American Cookery Book Containing Upwards of Twelve Hundred Choice and Carefully Tested Receipts Embracing All the Popular Dishes and the Best Results of Modern Science Reduced to a Simple and Practical Form Also a Chapter for Invalids
Ancient History of Universalism From the Time of the Apostles to the Fifth General Council With an Appendix Tracing the Doctrine to the Reformation
Chinese Stories
Hunting Dinosaurs in the Bad Lands of the Red Deer River Alberta Canada a Sequel to the Life of a Fossil Hunter
Maori and Polynesian Their Origin History and Culture
John Knox A Biography
Domestic History of the American Revolution
Travel in South Africa
The Religions of China Confucianism and Tioism Described and Compared with Christianity
Sermons Biographical Miscellaneous
The Man Farthest Down A Record of Observation and Study in Europe
Americanism Versus Bolshevism
The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe
The History of New Bedford Bristol County Massachusetts Including a History of the Old Township of Dartmouth and the Present Townships of Westport Dartmouth and Fairhaven from Their Settlement to the Present Time
A Journey to the Centre of the Earth
The Friendship of Books And Other Lectures
Of the American Jewish Historical Society Vol 1 The Lyons Collection
Peter and Wendy
Solon the Athenian
The Chaldean Account of Genesis Containing the Description of the Creation the Deluge the Tower of Babel the Destruction of Sodom the Times of the Patriarchs and Nimrod Babylonian Fables and Legends of the Gods From the Cuneiform Inscriptions
Johnsons Dictionary of the English Language in Miniature
The Prehistoric Men of Kentucky A History of What Is Known of Their Lives and Habits Together with a Description of Their Implements and Other Relics and of the Tumuli Which Have Earned for Them the Designation of Mound Builders
In the Abruzzi
The Intelligence of the Feeble-Minded
Heat Energy and Fuels Pyrometry Combustion Analysis of Fuels and Manufacture of Charcoal Coke and Fuel Gases
The Industrial Evolution of the United States
The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy
Universalism the Prevailing Doctrine of the Christian Church During Its First Five Hundred Years With Authorities and Extracts
Sailing Across Europe
Lectures on the History of Physiology During the Sixteenth Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
The Artistic Anatomy of Trees Their Structure Treatment in Painting
Oxford Essays
The Commedia Dellarte A Study in Italian Popular Comedy
The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer by Richard Burn the Thirteenth Edition in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 4
Clifton Park System of Farming and Laying Down Land to Grass A Guide to Landlords Tenants and Land-Legislators
The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer by Richard Burn the Eleventh Edition in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 4
The Cassowary
An Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth in Opposition to Sophistry and Scepticism by James Beattie the Second Edition Corrected and Enlarged
The Plays of William Shakspeare Volume the Second Containing Prolegomena c of 15 Volume 2
Hundreds of Interlaced Fingers
The Life of the Rev Dr Jonathan Swift Dean of St Patricks Dublin by Thomas Sheridan AM Vol I a New Edition in Seventeen Volumes of 17 Volume 1
A Catalogue of the Libraries of the Late Dr Cromwell Mortimer Edmund Pargiter Esq And Many Others Too Tedious to Mention to Be Sold at T Osbornes in Grays-Inn on the 26th Day of November 1753 of 2 Volume 1
A Compleat History of the Affairs of Spain from the First Treaty of Partition to This Present Time the Second Edition to Which Is Added a Table
Relax Drops 2019 Water drops in different shapes and colours
Mit Den Eigenen Zihnen Ins Gras Beiien
And English and Portuguese in Two Volumes by Anthony Vieyra Transtagano of 2 Volume 2
Or the Law of Trade in General to Which Is Added a Complete Book of Rates the Second Edition Corrected with Additions by T Cunningham of 2 Volume 2
The Modern Part of the Universal History Compiled from Original Writers By the Authors of the Antient of 16 Volume 15
Doctor Wattss Imitation of the Psalms of David Corrected and Enlarged by Joel Barlow to Which Is Added a Collection of Hymns The Whole Applied to the State of the Christian Church in General [two Lines from Luke]
Or an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Present Nobility the Second Edition with Large Additions and Corrections
The Cambridge Magzine Or Universal Repository of Arts Sciences and the Belles Lettres by a Society of Gentlemen of the University of Cambridge
The Weekly Entertainer Or Agreeable and Instructive Repository Containing a Collection of Select Pieces Both in Prose and Verse Curious Anecdotes Instructive Tales and Ingenious Essays on Different Subjects of 59 Volume 21
Or a General Description of the World by D Fenning J Collier and Others of 2 Volume 1
Scarce Tracts on Trade and Commerce Serving as a Supplement to Davenants Works Published by Sir Charles Whitworth
Human Nature in Its Four-Fold State in Several Practical Discourses By a Minister of the Gospel in the Church of Scotland the Second Edition Carefully Revised by the Author
Discourses on Personal Religion by Samuel Stennett DD the Third Edition
Plutarchs Lives Translated from the Original Greek with Notes Critical and Historical and a New Life of Plutarch by John Langhorne DD and William Langhorne MA in Six Volumes the Third Edition Corrected of 6 Volume 6
The Harleian Miscellany Or a Collection of Rare Curious and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts as Well in Manuscript as in Print Found in the Late Earl of Oxfords Library of 8 Volume 8
The Harleian Miscellany Or a Collection of Rare Curious and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts as Well in Manuscript as in Print Found in the Late Earl of Oxfords Library of 8 Volume 6
The Works of Thomas Secker LLD Late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury a New Edition of 4 Volume 3
Travels Through the States of North America and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada During the Years 1795 1796 and 1797 by Isaac Weld Junior Fourth Edition Illustrated and Embellished with Eight Plates
Collection Complette Des Oeuvres de M de Cribillon Le Fils Nouvelle idition of 7 Volume 2
Collection Complette Des Oeuvres de M de Cribillon Le Fils Nouvelle idition of 7 Volume 4
The Philosophical Transactions (from the Year 1732 to the Year 1744) Abridged and Disposed Under General Heads the Latin Papers Being Translated Into English by John Martyn in Two Volumes Viz Vol VIII Vol IX Volume 2 of 2
Travels Into Poland Russia Sweden and Denmark Interspersed with Historical Relations and Political Inquiries Illustrated with Charts and Engravings by William Coxe in Two Volumes the Second Edition of 2 Volume 2
The European Magazine and London Review Containing the Literature History Politics Arts Manners and Amusements of the Age by the Philological Society of London of 87 Volume 84
Travels Into Poland Russia Sweden and Denmark Interspersed with Historical Relations and Political Inquiries Illustrated with Charts and Engravings by William Coxe in Two Volumes the Second Edition of 2 Volume 1
Reading Allowed
Looking Unto Jesus A View of the Everlasting Gospel Or the Souls Eying of Jesus as Carrying on the Great Work of Mans Salvation from First to Last by Isaac Ambrose
Wherein an Attempt Is Made to Divest Tradition of Fable And to Reduce the Truth to Its Original Purity the Second Edition by Jacob Bryant of 2 Volume 2
The Birth of Tajikistan National Identity and the Origins of the Republic
Burned And Broken
Classic Car Dashboards Passion Behind the Wheel
The Perfect Man
On The Other Side
The Line Between Us
Call for Justice Art and Law in the Low Countries (1450-1650)
Ridley Road
The Lightkeepers Daughters
Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers
The Ballroom Cafe
To Wake The Dead
Haunting on Heliotrope Lane
Chosen Child
A Fine House In Trinity
Searching For Grace Kelly
A Love for Leah
The Mauritian Paradox Fifty Years of Development Diversity and Democracy
A Voyage Round the World in the Years MDCCXL I II III IV by George Anson Compiled from Papers and Other Materials of George Lord Anson and Published Under His Direction
A Compleat Guide for Justices of Peace in Two Parts the First Containing the Common and Statute Laws Relating to the Office of a Justice of the Peace the Second Consisting of the Most Authentick Precedents
A New and General Biographical Dictionary Containing an Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation Particularly the British and Irish a New Edition in Fifteen Volumes of 15 Volume 5
The Genuine Works of St Cyprian Archbishop of Carthage Together with His Life Written by His Own Deacon Pontius All Done Into English from the Oxford Edition And Illustrated with Diverse Notes
Chef-dOeuvre dUn Inconnu Po me Hereusement dEcouvert MIS Au Jour Avec Des Remarques Par M Le Docteur Chrisostome Mathanasius Nouvelle dition Augment e dUne Dissertation Sur Homere Le
A Choice Collection of Very Valuable Prefaces Lectures and Sermons Preached Upon the Mountains and Muirs of Scotland in the Hottest Time of the Late Persecution
A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean Undertaken by the Command of His Majesty for Making Discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere Performed Under the Direction of Captains Cook Clerke and Gore of 3 Volume 2
The Naval Gazetteer Or Seamans Complete Guide Containing a Full and Accurate Account Alphabetically Arranged of the Several Coasts of All the Countries and Islands in the Known World of 2 Volume 1
The History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset Collected from Authentick Records and an Actual Survey Made by the Late Mredmund Rack Adorned with a Map and Engravings by the Reverend John Collinson in Three Vs V 3 of 4
The Diverting Works of the Countess dAnois Author of the Ladies Travels to Spain I the Memoirs of Her Own Life II All Her Spanish Novels and Histories III Her Letters IV Tales of the Fairies in Three Parts Compleat the Second Ed
The History of Pamela Or Virtue Rewarded in a Series of Familiar Letters to Which Are Prefixed Extracts from Several Curious Letters Written to the Editor on the Subject
A System of Divinity in a Course of Sermons on the First Institutions of Religion On the Being and Attributes of God On Some of the Most Important Articles of the Christian Religion of 26 Volume 7
A New Description of the World Delineating Europe with a Mapp and Tables of the Empires Kingdoms Provinces Cities Therein
The Fable of the Bees Or Private Vices Public Benefits with an Essay on Charity and a Search Into the Nature of Society Also a Vindication of the Book from the Aspersions Contained in a Presentment of the Grand Jury of Middlesex
An Abridgment of Penal Statutes Which Exhibits at One View the Offence The Punishment or Penalty Annexed to That Offence The Mode of Recovering and Application of the Penalty
The Superiority and Direct Dominion of the Imperial Crown of England Over the Crown and Kingdom of Scotland and the Divine Right of Succession to Both Crowns Inseparable from the Civil
The History of Great Britain from the First Invasion of It by the Romans of 6 Volume 4
The History of the Reign of Queen Anne Digested Into Annals Year the Seventh
A Digest of the Laws of the United States of America Being a Complete System Alphabetically Arranged of All the Public Acts of Congress Now in Force
A Collection of Tracts Relating to the Deity Worship and Satisfaction of the Lord Jesus Christ Viz 1 an Humble Inquiry Into the Scripture-Account of the Deity of Jesus Christ 12 an Answer to MR Martins Dissertation on 1 Joh V 7
A Paraphrase and Comment Upon the Epistles and Gospels Appointed to Be Used in the Church of England on All Sundays and Holy-Days Vol III by George Stanhope of 3 Volume 3
An Introduction to the History of the Principal Kingdoms and States of Europe Made English from the Original High Dutch the Ninth Edition Corrected and Improved with an Appendix
A Commentary on the Book of Psalms in Which Their Literal or Historical Sense as They Relate to King David and the People of Israel Is Illustrated the Fourth Edition by George Lord Bishop of Norwich of 2 Volume 2
A Short and Plain Exposition of the Old Testament with Devotional and Practical Reflections for the Use of Families by the Late Reverend Job Orton STP Published from the Authors Manuscripts by Robert Gentleman Volume I of 6 Volume 1
The Royal Dictionary Abridged in Two Parts Containing Many Thousand Words More Than Any French and English Dictionary Yet Extant the Eleventh Edition Carefully Corrected of 2 Volume 2
A Collection of All the Irish and English Statutes Now in Force and Use Relating to His Majestys Revenue of Ireland Together with an Alphabetical Index to the Whole by James Fleming
The Present Practice of a Justice of the Peace And a Complete Library of Parish Law Containing the Substance of All the Statutes and Adjudged Cases Down to the Year 1790 by the Rev Edward Barry LLD of 4 Volume 3
The British Magazine and General Review of the Literature Employment and Amusements of the Times of 2 Volume 2
The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer by Richard Burn the Sixth Edition in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 1
The History of Great Britain from the First Invasion of It by the Romans by Robert Henry the Second Edition of 6 Volume 2
A Collection of State-Trials and Proceedings Upon High-Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanours from the Reign of King Edward VI to the Present Time with an Alphabetical Table to the Two Supplemental Volumes of 8 Volume 8
The Comedies Tragedies and Operas Written by John Dryden Esq With a Secular Masque Being the Last of His Performances for the Stage Now First Collected Together and Corrected from the Originals in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
The Commentaries Upon the Aphorisms of Dr Herman Boerhaave Concerning the Knowledge and Cure of the Several Diseases Incident to Human Bodies by Gerard Van Swieten MD Translated Into English of 18 Volume 17
The Novelists Magazine Vol XIII Containing Betsy Thoughtless and the Persian Tales of 23 Volume 13
The Beauties of All the Magazines Selected Including the Several Original Comic Pieces to Be Continued the Middle of Every Month of 3 Volume 3
The History of England from the Revolution to the Death of George the Second (Designed as a Continuation of Mr Humes History) in Five Volumes a New Edition with the Authors Last Corrections and Improvements of 5 Volume 3
The Martial Atchievements of the Scots Nation by Patrick Abercromby of 2 Volume 2
The Works of the Late Right Honorable Henry St John Lord Viscount Bolingbroke in Five Volumes Complete Published by David Mallet of 5 Volume 1
The Aberdeen Magazine for the Year
An Inquiry Into the Present State of Medical Surgery Including the Analogy Betwixt External and Internal Disorders by Thomas Kirkland of 2 Volume 2
Dictionnaire Royal Franiois-Anglois Et Anglois-Franiois Par Mr A Boyer Nouvelle Edition Revue Corrigie Augmentie dEnviron Trois Mille Deux Cens Nouveaux Mots Ou Nouvelles Phrases Le
The Holy Family Bible Containing the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament and the Apocrypha at Large with Notes Illustrated with Copper Plates by the Rev Alexander Fortescu the Second Edition of 2 Volume 1
An Exact Abridgment of All the Statutes in Force from Magna Charta 9 H 3 to the Beginning of the Reign of King George Vol V of 5 Volume 5
The London Monthly Mercury Or Foreign Literary Intelligencer Containing a Compendious Account of the Present State of Literature in Europe
The Works of Mr William Shakespear In Six Volumes Adornd with Cuts Revisd and Corrected with an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author by N Rowe Esq of 6 Volume 6
The Works of Sir William Temple Bart Complete in Four Volumes Octavo to Which Is Prefixed the Life and Character of the Author a New Edition of 4 Volume 3
The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in the Year 1641 Written by Edward Earl of Clarendon Volume the Second
The Chemical Works of Caspar Neumann Abridged and Methodized with Large Additions Containing the Later Discoveries and Improvements Made in Chemistry by William Lewis
The Art of Painting in All Its Branches by Gerard de Lairesse Translated by John Frederick Fritsch
A System of Surgery by Benjamin Bell of 6 Volume 1
Fast Falls the Night
A System of Surgery by Benjamin Bell Illustrated with Copperplates the Third Edition Corrected of 6 Volume 1
The Works of Samuel Johnson LLD a New Edition in Six Volumes with an Essay on His Life and Genius by Arthur Murphy Esq of 6 Volume 2
A Body of Doctrinal Divinity Or a System of Evangelical Truths Deduced from the Sacred Scriptures in Two Volumes by John Gill of 2 Volume 2
The Life of Catharine II Empress of Russia with Eleven Elegant Portraits the Fourth Edition with Great Additions and a Copious Index in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 3
The History of English Poetry from the Close of the Eleventh to the Commencement of the Eighteenth Century to Which Are Prefixed Two Dissertations the Second Edition VolI by Thomas Warton of 1 Volume 1
A New Theory of the Earth from Its Original to the Consummation of All Things by William Whiston the Sixth Edition
An Essay on the Learning Respecting the Creation and Execution of Powers And Also Respecting the Nature and Effect of Leasing Powers by John Joseph Powell
The History of Scotland from the Earliest Accounts of That Nation to the Reign of King James VI Translated from the Latin of George Buchanan the Fifth Edition of 2 Volume 1
The Works of Mrs Catharine Cockburn Several of Them Now First Printed Revised and Published with an Account of the Life of the Author by Thomas Birch in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
An Essay on Grammar as It May Be Applied to the English Language by William Ward
The Poetical Works of the Late William Dunkin DD to Which Are Added His Epistles Etc to the Late Earl of Chesterfield in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
The Works of Henry Fielding Esq With the Life of the Author in Eight Volumes a New Edition of 8 Volume 4
The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer by Richard Burn the Seventh Edition in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 3
The Crown Circuit Companion Containing the Practice of the Assises on the Crown Side by W Stubbs and G Talmash the Fourth Edition
The Life of Captain James Cook by Andrew Kippis
The History of Philosophy from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Present Century Drawn Up from Bruckers Historia Critica Philosophii by William Enfield in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer by Richard Burn the Twelfth Edition in Four Volumes of 4 Volume 4
A Genealogy of the Nye Family Vol 3 Nyes of German Origin
The Zoology of the Voyage of H M S Beagle Under the Command of Captain Fitzroy R N During the Years 1832 to 1836 Vol 3 Birds by John Gould Esq F L S
The Universal Sheet Metal Pattern Cutter Vol 2 A Comprehensive Treatise on All Branches of Sheet Metal Pattern Development Architectural Sheet Metal Work
History Stories of Alabama
The Wights A Record of Thomas Wight of Dedham and Medfield and of His Descendants 1635-1890
Memoir of Maj-Gen George H Thomas
The Phantom rickshaw and Other Stories
Five Centuries of English Verse Impressions Vol 1 of 2 Chaucer to Burns Revised Edition of the Poets Chaucer to Tennyson Impressions
The Secret Doctrine The Synthesis of Science Religion and Philosophy Index to Vols I II and III
Home Thoughts
A Pedestrian Journey Through Russia and Siberian Tartary to the Frontiers of China the Frozen Sea and Kamtchatka Vol 1 of 2
Records of the Connecticut Line of the Hayden Family
Mosaicarum Et Romanarum Legum Collatio With Introduction Facsimile and Transcription of the Berlin Codex Translation Notes and Appendices
Meditations for the Use of Seminarians and Priests Vol 2 Christian Virtues
The Occult Sciences A Compendium of Transcendental Doctrine and Experiment Embracing an Account of Magical Practices Of Secret Sciences in Connection with Magic Of the Professors of Magical Arts And of Modern Spiritualism Mesmerism and Theosophy
Simla Past and Present
Morgan Genealogy A History of James Morgan of New London Conn and His Descendants From 1607 to 1869
Revised Odd-Fellowship Illustrated The Complete Revised Ritual of the Lodge Encampment Patriachs Militant and the Rebekah Degrees the Amended Work Profusely Illustrated by a Past Grand Patriarch with an Historical Sketch of the Order
History of Siskiyou County California Illustrated with Views of Residences Business Buildings and Natural Scenery and Containing Portraits and Biographies of Its Leading Citizens and Pioneers
The Cowboy His Characteristics His Equipment and His Part in the Development of the West
Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism Vol 4 Written in French Part IV Antisocial Conspiracy Historical Part
Pierce Genealogy Being the Record of the Posterity of Thomas Pierce an Early Inhabitant of Charlestown and Afterwards Charlestown Village (Woburn) in New England
The Twofold Life Or Christs Work for Us and Christs Work in Us
The Road to France I The Transportation of Troops and Military Supplies 1917-1918
Some Impressions of the United States
The Stamp Collector A Guide to the Worlds Postage Stamps
The Right Princess
The Adventures of Kimble Bent A Story of Wild Life in the New Zealand Bush
Limitations A Novel
History of the Rebellion in Bradley County East Tennessee
The Genealogical History of the Gallup Family in the United States Also Biographical Sketches of Members of the Family
The Ewe-Speaking Peoples of the Slave Coast of West Africa Their Religion Manners Customs Laws Languages c
The Eagles History of Poughkeepsie From the Earliest Settlements 1683 to 1905
Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates A Story of Life in Holland
On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation
The History of Charles the Twelfth King of Sweden
The Apostle John Studies in His Life and Writings
My Air-Ships the Story of My Life
Fyodor Dostoyevsky A Study
Viva Mexico
The Mahavastu Vol 1
The Biology of the Sea-Shore
History of Harford County Maryland From 1608 (the Year of Smiths Expedition) to the Close of the War of 1812
The Harsa-Carita of Bana
The Sabbath Or an Examination of the Six Texts Commonly Adduced from the New Testament in Proof of a Christian Sabbath
Hulsean Lectures for the Year 1840 The Christian Religion in Connexion with the Principles of Morality
The Prose Edda
Asmodeus or the Devil Upon Two Sticks Preceded by Dialogues Serious and Comic Between Two Chimneys of Madrid
The British Essayists 1808 Vol 29 With Prefaces Historical and Biographical
The Universalists Miscellany or Philanthropists Museum Vol 2 Intended Chiefly as an Antidote Against the Antichristian Doctrine of Endless Misery January 1798
Hessische Denkwurdigkeiten Vol 2
A Critical Revision of the Genus Eucalyptus Vol 3 Parts 21 30
The Hussite Wars
Turners Sketches and Drawings
Through Five Administrations Reminiscences of Colonel William H Crook Body-Guard to President Lincoln
Lao-Tzes Tao-Teh-King Chinese-English With Introduction Transliteration and Notes
Minor Hints Lectures Delivered to H H the Maharaja Gaekwar Sayaji Rao III
Sex and Repression in Savage Society
Traits of Character Illustrated in Bible Light Together with Short Sketches of Marked and Marred Manhood and Womanhood
Helmets and Body Armor in Modern Warfare
Decorative Art in America A Lecture
The North West Company
A History of Missouri Vol 3 From the Earliest Explorations and Settlements Until the Admission of the State Into the Union
The Young Wrecker of the Florida Reef Or the Trials and Adventures of Fred Ransom
The Life of George Matheson DD LL D F R S E
A History of the Maratha People Vol 2
Aarons Rod Blossoming Or the Divine Ordinance of Church Government Vindicated
Illustrations of Political Economy Life in the Wilds a Tale
The New Forest Its History and Its Scenery
Brambletye House Vol 1 of 3 Or Cavaliers and Roundheads A Novel
With Nansen in the North A Record of the Fram Expedition in 1893-96
Winthrops Journal Vol 2 history of New England 1630-1649
The Book of Cats A Chit-Chat Chronicle of Feline Facts and Fancies Legendary Lyrical Medical Mirthful and Miscellaneous
Zachary Stoyanoff Pages from the Autobiography of a Bulgarian Insurgent
A Rough Shaking
History of the Waldenses of Italy From Their Origin to the Reformation
The Annals of Clonmacnoise Being Annals of Ireland from the Earliest Period to A D 1408
The History of the Peloponnesian War Vol 2 of 2 Literally Translated Books V-VIII
The Expedition to the Philippines
Nelson in England A Domestic Chronicle
A Treatise on the Effects and Properties of Cold With a Sketch Historical and Medical of the Russian Campaign
Vocational and Moral Guidance
The Panorama of Professions and Trades or Every Mans Book
Documentary History of the American Revolution Consisting of Letters and Papers Relating to the Contest for Liberty Chiefly in South Carolina from Originals in the Possession of the Editor and Other Sources 1776-1782
Representative Essays on the Theory of Style
Das Land Der Freiheit Ein Zukunftsbild in Schlichter Erzilungsform
Critique of Pure Kant Or a Real Realism Vs a Fictitious Idealism
Popery in Its Social Aspect Being a Complete Exposure of the Immorality and Intolerance of Romanism
Words by an Eyewitness The Struggle in Natal
The Reliquary Quarterly Archilogical Journal and Review Vol 4 A Depository for Precious Relics Legendary Biographical and Historical Illustrative of the Habits Customs and Pursuits of Our Forefathers Jan To Oct 1890
History of the Sesqui-Centennial of Paxtang Church September 18 1890
The Art of Cross-Examination With the Cross-Examinations of Important Witnesses in Some Celebrated Cases
Andreas and the Fates of the Apost Two Anglo-Saxon Narrative Poems
Das Rote Zimmer
Grosse Denker Vol 1
Early Western Travels Vol 1
Life of Robert Lord Clive Vol 3 of 3 Collected from the Family Papers Communicated by the Earl of Powis
The Conquest of Bread
Seven Years of a Sailors Life
August Weismann Sein Leben Und Sein Werk
Memorial de Sainte Helene Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena Two Vols in One
A Documentary History of American Industrial Society Vol 7 Labor Movement
An Outlaws Diary Revolution
Selections from the Spectator Tatler Guardian and Freeholder Vol 3 of 3 With a Preliminary Essay
The New Century Fourth Reader Selected and Adapted from the Worlds Standard Literature
Sketches of the Early Catholic Missions of Kentucky From Their Commencement in 1787 to the Jubilee of 1826-7
The Scotch Preacher or a Collection of Sermons Vol 3
Doctor Syntax His Three Tours in Search of the Picturesque of Consolation of a Wife
Free Mans Companion A New and Original Work Consisting of Numerous Moral Political and Philosophical Views Examples and Explanations Tending to Illustrate the General Cause of Truth Justice Virtue Liberty and Human Improvement
An Historical Account of the Ten Tribes Settled Beyond the River Sambatyon in the East With Many Other Curious Matters Relating to the State of the Israelites in Various Parts of the World Etc
The Play of Animals
The Cambridge Platonists Being Selections from the Writings of Benjamin Whichcote John Smith and Nathanael Culverwel with Introduction
Tales of the Alhambra
The Theory and Practice of Brewing
Conic Sections Treated Geometrically
The Mystery and Romance of Alchemy and Pharmacy
A History of Philosophy
The Sea Gypsies of Malaya An Account of the Nomadic Mawken People of the Mergui Archipelago with a Description of Their Ways of Living Customs Habits Boats Occupations Etc Etc Etc
Handbook of Social Economy Or the Workers A B s
From Incarnation to Re-Incarnation
Electric Welding A Comprehensive Treatise on the Practice of the Various Resistance and Arc Welding Processes Covering Descriptions of the Machines and Apparatus Used and the Applications Both in Manufacturing and Repair Work
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus to Himself An English Translation with Introductory Study on Stoicism and the Last of the Stoics
Scarabs An Introduction to the Study of Egyptian Seals and Signet Rings
The Lathe Its Uses Or Instruction in the Art of Turning Wood and Metal Including a Description of the Most Modern Appliances for the Ornamentation of Plane and Curved Surfaces
Li Hung-Chang
The Rambler in North America Vol 2
Flora Historica Vol 2 of 2 Or the Three Seasons of the British Parterre Historically and Botanically Treated With Observations on Planting to Secure a Regular Succession of Flowers from the Commencement of Spring to the End of Autumn
Life of Sir Roderick I Murchison Vol 1 of 2 Based on His Journals and Letters With Notices of His Scientific Contemporaries and a Sketch of the Rise and Growth of Paliozoic Geology in Britain
The History of Poland From the Earliest Period to the Present Time
Military Services and Public Life of Major-General John Sullivan of the American Revolutionary Army
My First Summer in the Sierra
The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons from the Restoration to the Present Time Containing the Most Remarkable Motions Speeches Vol X of 14 Volume 10
Winthrops Journal Vol 1 history of New England 1630-1649
A Woman at Bay Una Donna
Reden Des Buddha Aus Dem angittara-Nik257ya Die Aus Dem P257li Zum Ersten Male ibersetzt Und Erliutert
Plastic Surgery of the Face Based on Selected Cases of War Injuries of the Face Including Burns With Original Illustrations
Correspondence Between Schiller and Goethe Vol 1 From 1794 to 1805
The Sikh Religion Its Gurus Sacred Writings and Authors Vol 2 of 6
Java Ho! The Adventures of Four Boys Amid Fire Storm and Shipwreck
A Complete Collection of English Proverbs Also the Most Celebrated Proverbs of the Scotch Italian French Spanish and Other Languages
Bunyan Characters Lectures Delivered in St Georges Free Church Edinburgh
Christian Socialism 1848-1854
Brigham Young and His Mormon Empire
Correspondence of Schiller with Korner Vol 2 of 3 Comprising Sketches and Anecdotes of Goethe the Schlegels Wieland and Other Contemporaries with Biographical Sketches and Notes
The Dialogues of Saint Gregory Surnamed the Great Pope of Rome and the First of That Name Divided Into Four Books Wherein He Entreateth of the Lives and Miracles of the Saints in Italy and of the Eternity of Mens Souls
A Study in Scarlet And the Sign of the Four
The American Standard of Perfection Illustrated A Complete Description of All Recognized Varieties of Fowls
A Tramp Abroad Vol 2 of 2
Greek Philosophy Thales to Plato
Epilepsy and Other Chronic Convulsive Diseases Their Causes Symptoms and Treatment
The Corner-Stone of Philippine Independence A Narrative of Seven Years
The Bagpipers
Idea de Una Nueva Historia General de la America Septentrional Fundada Sobre Material Copioso de Figuras Symbolos Caractires y Geroglificos Cantares y Manuscritos de Autores Indios Ultimamente Descubiertos
The New Topical Text Book A Scripture Text Book for the Use of Ministers Teachers and All Christian Workers
Good Wives Being a Sequel to little Women
Don Coronado Through Kansas 1541 Then Known as Quivira A Story of the Kansas Osage and Pawnee Indians
History of Delaware 1609-1888 Vol 1 of 2
iber Die Religion Reden an Die Gebildeten Unter Ihren Verichtern
Mathematics Self-Taught Vol 1 The Libsen Method for Self-Instruction and Use in the Problems of Practical Life Arithmetic and Algebra
Modern Cookery in All Its Branches Embracing a Series of Plain and Simple Instructions to Private Families and Others for the Careful and Judicious Preparation of Every Variety of Food as Drawn from Practical Observation and Experience
Pike and Perch
The Haunted Hotel A Mystery of Modern Venice To Which Is Added My Ladys Money
Annals of Westmeath Ancient and Modern
The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle Vol 1 of 4
The Anatomy of Secret Sins Presumptuous Sins Sins in Dominion and Uprightness Wherein Divers Weighty Cases Are Resolved in Relation to All Those Particulars Delivered in Divers Sermons Preached at Mildreds in Bread-Street London on Psalm 19 12 13
The Silver Sunbeam A Practical and Theoretical Text-Book on Sun Drawing and Photographic Printing Comprehending All the Wet and Dry Processes at Present Known with Collodion Albumen Gelatin Wax Resin and Silver
The Trail of the Conestoga
Euclids Elements of Geometry from the Latin Translation of Commandine To Which Is Added a Treatise of the Nature and Arithmetick of Logarithms Likewise Another of the Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry
Die Relativititstheorie Vol 1 Das Relativititsprinzip Der Lorentztransformation
The Expedition of Pedro de Ursua and Lope de Aguirre in Search of El Dorado and Omagua in 1560-1
A History of Coggeshall in Essex With an Account of Its Church Abbey Manors Ancient Houses Etc and Biographical Sketches of Its Most Distinguished Men and Ancient Families
The History of Redding Connecticut From Its First Settlement to the Present Time with Notes on the Adams Banks Barlow Bartlett Bartram Bates Beach Benedict Betts Burr Burritt Chatfield Couch Darling Fairchild Foster Gold Gorham Gray
The Rakes Progress
The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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